McStay Case Solved: Here is What Happened on February 4, 2010…and Beyond

February 4, 2010:

An argument broke out over Joey buying the Amoxicillin prescription for Mike. Mike already had mental issues, as previously documented. Now, he’s dealing with his sick child that needs medication. We know the medication was for Mike’s child as he has admitted this in LE interviews. We know Mike admitted to the investigators that he was in Fallbrook that afternoon, after previously denying he was. As an aside: We also know that Patrick McStay has denied Mike was ever in Fallbrook on the 4th, or that there was ever an Amoxicillin prescription picked up by Joey. But Patrick is the one who first told me about the prescription, telling me that “an investigator with the SDSD had asked him about the prescription and who it was for.” Then, suddenly, and unexplainably, he began denying he ever told me that or it ever existed, calling me a liar at every opportunity. (By the time I published my book, I had already confirmed the existence of the prescription from other sources in the SDSD.) But why would Patrick suddenly deny this? Who told him to launch his “denial attack?” Fortunately, this evidence is included in the case file.

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Connecting Mike McStay and Chase Merritt

So, here is what I know to be true and provable:

Mike and Chase parked the Trooper at the border on February 8, 2010.

Mike’s cell phone was off all that day, as well as all night on February 4, 2010.

Mike has stated that Joey had five missed calls on his cell the night of the 4th, and after the state says Joey was dead. (The only way he could know that was by looking at Joey’s phone or someone who had looked at the phone telling him as much.)

Mike told LE in an interview that he was at the house on Monday, February 9, yet he told Joey’s dad and media that he was not there until Friday, February 13. (Which was it and why did he come clean to LE?)

Mike McStay told LE in an interview that he had “never met Chase.” (We know he met Chase and they talked extensively at Joey’s wedding. Why did he lie to LE?)

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Bombshell Blows State’s Timeline: How Did Mike McStay Know Joey Had Five Missed Calls? He Was Either With Him, or Had His Phone – There Is No Other Explanation

“The reason this is important is because the state is claiming the family is already dead at this time, that Chase has already parked the truck, walked back to house to write checks. That means Mike is with his brother when those calls came in, or he’s with his brother’s phone!”

I talked to T-Mobile to confirm what our investigator says about “missed calls not showing up on the bill.” She is correct. According to T-Mobile, in 2010, here is how it worked in 2010: Missed calls were not identified on the monthly statements. If the missed call went directly to voicemail, it would register as “Outgoing Voicemail” on the bill. Here is an example: “A” calls “B” and leaves a message. “B” would then call his voicemail, listen to the message and press #5 to return the call. If he talked to “A” for 20 minutes, then the bill would read “Outgoing Voicemail 20 mins.” There would be NO record of “A’s” number on bill, ONLY in phone. With T-Mobile you have to answer or dial out for it to show on bill.

Therefore, Mike McStay either had Joey’s phone or was with Joey. Which was it?

Remember Mike’s friend that is with him in this video but doesn’t want to be on camera? Well, at marker 6:00 when Steph Watts ask Mike, “Do you believe the neighbor really saw a white truck?” Listen carefully, you need headphones, that friend says to Mike, “Don’t say anything else about it.” Then Mike comes in and says, “Well, I’m just a concern brother……….”

There’s another video of this that starts at the beginning with Mike, the dog, and Mike’s friend who tells the camera man he doesn’t want to be on camera!

Listen over and over between marker 1:38 to 2:15. Keep in mind when this was filmed (first week of March) and what we now know.

“When you listen to Mike, he throws out a very odd story using Chase’s name with a past situation about Chase calling several times about coming over. That in itself is odd and we later find out that Chase DID come over that evening. Mike also says he feels certain they were lured out by someone they were comfortable with. Well, Mike is saying the murders didn’t happen in that house and we later find out NOT a single drop of their blood is found in that home. Then there’s a big “slip” .. Mike has knowledge about 5 missed calls on Joey’s phone around 8:39pm. With T-Mobile in 2010 the ONLY record of those missed calls that Mike would of had access to would be in the phone itself. ALL missed calls, even if they went to voicemail, with T-Mobile in 2010 did not register on the bill. I KNOW this to be fact! However, his phone would have pinged with those missed calls. If this turns out to be true, it will be interesting to hear Mike explain himself. Don’t you find it strange that these two are pointing the finger at one another? Mike from the beginning, and Chase after his arrest? These two know exactly what happened to this family!”

Let me ask you this… Mike is “somewhat” telling us what happened that evening, family left to see someone they knew and Chase came over to the house. Do you think an altercation ensued with Mike and family somewhere in Fallbrook and he called Chase to lure him to the house to set him up? (from a case investigator)


When Was Mike McStay at Joey’s House?

So now we have the prelim saying Mike was at the home on the 9th, Patrick and the Missing Person’s Report saying he was there on the 10th, and Mike saying the 13th. Was Mike there on all three of those days?”

McStay Murder Questions

The boys deserve their justice, so here you go. Questions for the McStay trial:

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Why Has The FBI Refused To Even Acknowledge A McStay Investigation?

I had originally posted that the FBI turned over their file, heavily redacted, to the defense on subpoena. I was wrong. Now, the FBI denies that they ever “investigated” the McStay case at all. “There is no file,” they say, “to turn over.”

So, what is wrong with this picture? Are we to believe that they took over the case in April of 2013, and have no file?

Trolls Detailed In Magazine Article

This is a very good article about Internet trolls in general and McStay trolls specifically. We have seen this here, for the past 5+ years. Here is the article. 

WS Admin ‘Bessie,’ Needs Our Help

Most know what I think of “Bessie” and Trish at Webseluths. The damage they have caused me, and especially Becky, is unforgivable. However, cancer is evil, as I know firsthand. This was posted at WS, and I wanted to bring it here so our readers can pray or donate if they so desire.

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Running List of All The McStay Family Businesses

Requested thread. Post info about the many businesses of the McStay family, (including extended members) and business associates.

Jason Parmelee and His Filthy Harem Accuse Me of Being a Homosexual

So, tonight we get a chance to see the “real” Jason Parmelee. He likes to claim he is an investigator, but I’ll let you decide. This following convo with Jason and Fran, two Bible-believing Christians who like to quote Scripture, happened after they were called out for always convicting Chase before there has even been a trial. I have also included the image that Jason composed and published on his blog, accusing me of being a homosexual. (Not for the children to read) I just thought it important for the readers here to see what the Mike McStay supporters really look like, deep down inside.

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